Irish Science & Technology Journalists' Association - BEYOND CHEERING. Workshop by ISTJA members: Marie Boran, Anthony King & Sabine Louët. 6.00pm Thu 30 September. How to spot fake news & misinformation.

6.00pm – 7.30pm on Thursday, 30 September 2021


Workshop: Learn how to spot fake news and misinformation from science reporters

With people increasingly turning to social media for their news, misinformation has become widespread over the past number of years, in particular during the Covid-19 pandemic. But how can you spot fake news? 

In this workshop, science journalists Marie Boran, Sabine Louët and Anthony King will explore how fake news develops and empower you with tools to spot and analyse it. 

Marie will introduce the session and give a 10-minute talk about the business of fake news, looking at the people and organisations behind misinformation and disinformation, their techniques and motivations. Workshop attendees will play a fake news intervention game developed at the University of Cambridge aimed at building psychological resistance against online misinformation.

Anthony will then set a real-world task for attendees on spotting fake news and talk through strategies that he uses during his day-to-day work as a science reporter. Sabine will finish the workshop with tips and tools from an editorial perspective that are useful for reporters on the ground.

This is the second event in the BEYOND CHEERING series organised by the Irish Science and Technology Journalists’ Association (ISTJA) which is taking a critical look at science coverage in the Irish media. Our first event was a fireside chat which asked if scientists take enough of a stand on critical issues. Watch it back here.

Marie Boran is a freelance science and technology reporter who has written for the Irish Times, the Irish Independent and Silicon Republic. Boran lectures on science communication and science in society at Dublin City University and Maynooth University.

Anthony King is vice-president of the ISTJA and a freelance science journalist. His articles have appeared in Nature, Science, Cell, Chemistry World, New Scientist, the Irish Times,, New York Times, EMBO Reports, Chemistry & Industry, and more.

Sabine Louët is a science journalist, editor, and media entrepreneur. She is the Founder and CEO of SciencePOD (which stands for Science Prose On-Demand), a specialist content creation solution focused on science and innovation.