New members are always welcome!

Third-level students get 50% off membership costs.

Types of Membership

There are three different types of membership:

  • Full: Open to journalists (staff/freelance) who have a proven interest in S&T and are producing a continuously significant proportion of their output on S&T-related topics.
  • Associate: Open to journalists who have a proven interest in S&T but whose S&T output amounts to less than half of their total output.
  • Student: Open to third-level students of any subject but with a proven interest in science and technology journalism.

The full list of criteria and rules are contained in our constitution.


As a member, you will be invited to ISTJA meetings, talks and events. As well as getting to know other science journalists, members can apply for a number of grants each year.

These include travel grants to conferences, as well as research grants for specific subjects. There is also a LinkedIn and WhatsApp group to enable you to keep in touch with fellow journalists.

You also get access to our quarterly newsletter which details upcoming grants, news and events.

To read about some of our members, check out ‘Member Profiles’.

How to Join

  1. Use our ‘Contact Form’ to email your details. Please include the link to your LinkedIn profile, portfolio site or CV.
  2. We will contact you if we need any additional information.
  3. Your application is then reviewed by members of ISTJA.
  4. Once a decision has been made, we will email you.

Pay Membership Fees

Fees are paid using the buttons below. These are charged annually via Stripe.

*Charged €21.50 (incl €1.54 transaction fees)

*Charged €21.50 (incl €1.54 transaction fees)

**Charged €10.90 (incl €0.92 transaction fees)