Olive covers climate change, oceans and sustainability, mostly for international science magazines such as Nature, Scientific American and New Scientist.

She has also contributed to other publications such as National Geographic News, the Guardian and Yale e360.

Prior to going freelance, Olive was on staff at Nature, where she launched Nature Climate Change, now the most highly cited environmental research journal, becoming the journal’s first chief editor in 2010. Olive also launched Nature’s climate change blog, Climate Feedback.

Olive has spoken on podcasts and on video for Nature and the Guardian. For the past decade, she has given presentations at research institutions and at conferences globally, in Europe, Asia and the US. Olive has worked with the organisation COMPASS to train scientists in communicating more effectively with the media, and regularly lectures at Trinity College Dublin on science communication and peer review, where she is a visiting science writer.

Olive holds a PhD in Marine Ecology from UCD and a BA in Zoology from TCD. She was the first recipient of the Bob Barton Memorial Prize for marine science writing in 2006, and is a former journalism fellow of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts.

Currently a member of the ISTJA Events Committee.

Twitter: @O_Heffernan

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