Sabine is a science journalist, editor, and media entrepreneur with a keen interest in how best to use technology to deliver improved editorial coverage of science, medicine, and technology.

She is the Founder and CEO of SciencePOD (which stands for Science Prose On-Demand), a specialist content creation solution focused on science and innovation.

Sabine’s career in science and technology publishing spans 20 years. It includes experience working for international science publishing houses in London, New York and Connecticut such as the Nature Publishing Group (now part of Springer Nature) and strategic pharma intelligence publishing house Windhover (now part of Informa). She was previously News Editor for the international peer-reviewed journal Nature Biotechnology and witnessed the boom of the biotech industry in the 1990s. Sabine was also previously Editor of EuroScientist, the magazine of the association of researcher EuroScience.

Currently a member of the ISTJA Executive Committee.

Twitter: @SciencePOD

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