Sean is a founding editor of Science Spin, Ireland’s first popular science magazine (2003), and a regular contributor to The Sunday Times (Ireland) and The Irish Times (health supplement).

He is a science graduate from UCD (1987) with a MA in Science, Health & Environmental Reporting from New York University (1993).

Sean has a weekly radio science slot on East Coast FM, and is a regular contributor to Drivetime on RTE Radio 1. He has co-presented two series for RTE Radio 1, What’s it All About? (2014), the winner of a silver PPI radio award; and Life Matters (2015). He presented Irish scientists, a six-part series broadcast on East Coast FM (2016).

He is the author of the popular science book, How Irish Scientists Changed the World (Londubh, 2013), and the creator and presenter of the Cool Science podcast, produced in collaboration with the Irish Research Council (2018).

Currently a member of the ISTJA Executive Committee.

Twitter: @ScienceSpinning

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