If you’re looking for science-based grants and jobs, you should check out:

  • ISTJA Members: Our members can apply for a number of grants each year. These include travel grants to conferences, as well as research grants for specific subjects.
  • The Association of British Science Writers (ABSW): The ABSW keeps a really useful up-to-date list of grants and jobs on their website. It also runs the annual ABSW Awards for Great Britain and Ireland, which is open to all Irish science journalists.

TIP: Conferences are great places to find out about innovative research, as well as get interviews with world-renowned scientists


Here are some Irish journalism scholarships you can apply for:

  • Simon Cumbers Media Fund: The aim of this fund “is to assist and promote more and better quality media coverage of development issues in the Irish media”. There are two rounds of funding allocated every year.
  • BAI Sound & Vision Funding Scheme. This TV and radio scheme “provides funding in support of high quality programmes on Irish culture, heritage and experience, and programmes to improve adult literacy”. You will need to get a station to agree in advance to air your work during peak hours if funding is granted.

Recommended Reading

The Guardian’s ‘Secrets of good science writing‘ series includes great tips on pitching to editors, writing different types of articles, conducting interviews, and avoiding common mistakes. Make sure to check it out!